Barrie Mawby was a former bank manager in Britain, born in 1938 and died in October 2018. He was also the father of the famous British model Demi Rose Mawby and the husband of the late Christine Mawby (2019).

Barrie Mawby
Barrie Mawby and little Demi

Biography of Barrie Mawby:

- Name: Barrie Mawby

- Nickname: Barrie

- Age: 81 years old

- Birthday: 28 September 1938

- Birthplace: Britain

- Profession: Banker, Accountant

- Wife: Christine Mawby (died in 2019)

- Children: Demi Rose Mawby

- Famous as the father of a renowned model

- Net Worth: 1 million Dollars (approx.)

Barrie Mawby was 81 years old when he died. Although he was old, he was still strong at that age. He had been suffering from a gastric problem in his stomach for a long time, which caused an infection in his stomach. This infection transformed into cancer, which unfortunately couldn't be stopped. After suffering from cancer for one year, he passed away on 13 October 2018.

Barrie Mawby's obituary and funeral were completed on 13 October 2018, and he was buried in Birmingham.

Barrie Mawby
Barrie Mawby and Demi Rose

Barrie Mawby was born on 28 September 1938 in Britain. He was from a farmer's family. His father was a great farmer in Britain, and his mother was also a supporter of his father. When Barrie was 5 years old, he was admitted to a local school, and after the final examination, he was the topper of that school. At the age of 10, he was admitted to a renowned school in Birmingham. He was very talented and got a higher degree from a renowned university.

Barrie Mawby was a bank manager in Britain. He retired as a bank manager. After completing his education, he first joined a finance company. After two years of a job, he joined a private company as an accountant and then joined a bank.

Barrie Mawby lost his father and mother in the early 1970s. Most of the time, he led a lonely life. He met Christine Mawby in the 1990s, and they got married five years later. After five years of marriage, he had a daughter named Demi Rose.

Barrie Mawby was a good man who struggled in his life for his country and family. His daughter Demi Rose wishes him peace in heaven.