Giuliana Marie Angle is the fastest-growing daughter of WWE Superstar and Olympic Star Kurt Angle. The beautiful girl is fantastic, funny, intelligent, kind, loving, and excellent claimed her mother on an Instagram page. 

Giovanna Angle Hollywood actress, is Her mother. She is now studying in Class Six. Currently, she is living in Florida with her family. So we will discuss here her age, birthday, biography, Wikipedia, and more.

Giuliana Marie Angle
Giuliana Marie Angle

The beautiful girl Giuliana is now ten years old as of 2021. She was born on January 21, 2011. At the time of birth, her weight was 5.5 Ibs. She is the second girl of, Kurt but the older girl of Giovanna. Her other sisters are Sophia Laine Angle and Nikoletta Sky Angle.

Biography of Giuliana Marie Angle

Name: Giuliana Marie Angle

Nick Name: Marie

Age: 10 Years old.

Birthday: January 21, 2011.

Father: Kurt Angle

Mother: Giovanna Yannotti Angle.

Siblings: Sophia Laine Angle, Nikoletta Sky Angle, Joseph Angle, Kyra Angle, Kody Angle, and Jason Jordan.

Giuliana Marie Angle
Giuliana with her siblings

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: American

Famous as: The daughter of WWE Superstar.

Religion: Christian.

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Dark Blue.

Skin Color: White Brown.

Height: 5 feet.

Weight: 35 Kg.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

School: Unknown.

Hobbies: Travelling.

Giuliana has loved to play Football since childhood, and she plays Football at her school. Every year she plays well in his team. She won several trophies and medals by playing Football. As you see in the following picture, Giuliana holds the Foosball very professionally.

Giuliana Marie Angle
Giuliana Marie Angle plays Football.

Giovanna's daughter is lovely and intelligent, but Giuliana is the best. She is adorable; her smile is beautiful, as seen in the picture. Kurt always wants to see her smile, and he loves her second girl's smile. Her mother, Giovanna, commented on Instagram that she is growing up very fast, and her mother told her Stop growing up so fast.

Mother calibrates her Happy first Holy Communion baby heart. As you see in the picture, she looks gorgeous. On her last and 9th birthday, the mother wishes her a "Happy 9th Birthday to this beautiful, silly, smart, kind, amazing girl!!! Mommy loves you to the heavens and back, Giuliana."

Giuliana Marie Angle
Giuliana Marie Angle with Mother

Giuliana Marie Angle is a nature lover. She always goes on travels to natural beauty with her family. You know that Kurt is also very attentive to his family. He travels to Hillside, parks, hotels, motels, and outside of the United States. Sometimes She goes to the Sea beach. She loves the sea beach very much. She the sand and water she likes very much. So Giuliana enjoys travel very much, as you see in the picture.

The girl is a very hard worker like her father. She wants to be a footballer in the future. So she exercises regularly. Father trained her well. Gradually she is becoming very professional. But her mother wants to make her a doctor. Giuliana also wants to be a doctor. Her father and mother are very proud of their children.