Laurie Benoit is the sister of WWE champion Chris Benoit. She is also a writer, Director of Movies. The “Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story” is directed by her. She is the daughter of Michael and Margaret Benoit. She was born on 13 May 1965 in Canada. The lady was the older sister of Chris. Now she is living in Canada with her family. So we are going to discuss her age, birthday, biography, Wikipedia, and more.

Laurie Benoit
Laurie Benoit with Nancy

Laurie Benoit wanted to be a film director from her early life. She started to write, and also she was engaged in the film Industry. But her filming career ended when her brother died. After that time, she was not engaged with anything for a long time. 

It is a big tragedy that her brother, Brother’s wife, and 7 years nephew died simultaneously. She is now a university hiring lecturer. After this tragedy, she took care of her nephew Megan Benoit.

Biography of Laurie Benoit

Name: Laurie Benoit

Nickname: Laurie

Age: 56 as of 2021

Birthday: 13 May 1965

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: Mixed

Father: Michael Benoit

Mother: Margaret Benoit

Brother: Chris Benoit

Laurie Benoit is well-educated in science. She graduated in Biology from Canadian University.

She made a documentary video on her brother that is called ‘Hard Knocks’. The 45-minute video is very awesome. You can check it on YouTube. This documentary will show you how Chris Benoit achieved success in his life. And the hard work he did.

At the time of the Chris Benoit tragedy, she was out of town. After this tragedy, she came to the house where Chris and his family died. She took care of her nephew, David Benoit, and Megan Benoit. Their mother, Martina Benoit, was divorced in 1997. 

Laurie Benoit told the journalist that Chris was not like that. He cannot murder anyone. There is something wrong with him. And what is wrong is not yet found. We know the Police said that Chris was suffering from brain disease.

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Laurie Benoit doesn't want to come out on social media, and that is for the tragedy of her brother’s family. But she is living with her family. And sometimes, she goes to lock up her nephew Megan.