Martina Benoit is the ex-wife of Chris Benoit. She was a private job holder in Canada. Now she is retired person. The lady is living with her new Husband and Children. She is the mother of Devid Benoit and Megan Benoit. In social media, she is not seen and also not seen with Chris Benoit and with his children. But the beautiful lady always took care of her children. So in this, we will mention her Age, Birthday, Biography, Wikipedia, and more.

Martina Benoit
Martina Benoit

Early Life

Martina Benoit was born on April 13, 1966, in Canada. She was a very cute and nice girl. At the age of 25, she met Chris Benoit at a party. In 1991 they got married. After 2 years of marrying, they had a son Devid Benoit, and another 2 years later, they had their daughter. The family was very happy. Chris Benoit was a very successful wrestler at that time. But Their lovely family broke Down when Nancy Benoit entered Chris Benoit's life. In 1997 Chris Benoit divorced Martina Benoit.

Biography, Wikipedia 

Name: Martina Benoit

Nick Name: Tina

Father/Mother: Not Known

Age: 56 Years Old.

Birthday: April 13, 1966

Nationality: Canadian

Ethnicity: Mixed

Procession: Ex-Private Job Holder.

Why is Martina Benoit Divorced from her Husband?

She took divorced Chris Benoit because She loved Chris very much and she wanted a simple life. But Chris was not like that. Chris wanted his life to be more adventurous and joyful. And also drug addiction. Martina tried to adjust with Chris, but she couldn't. And also girlfriend Nancy has a role in this Divorce. Then she decided to divorce Chris.

Why is Martina Benoit out of Social Media?

She was always a decent lady and didn’t want to meet people. But after the death of Chris Benoit with his wife and son, she didn’t see him anywhere. Not only She but her daughter is also out of reach. But they are living in Calgary, Canada. As well as her sister-in-law Laurie Benoit is also out of people's reach.

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In conclusion, The Chris family is full of tragedy. So Martina Benoit was also affected by Chris Benoit dying. And Her two children are also very shocked by the tragedy. So we have discussed age, birthday, Biography, and Wikipedia in this post.