Nikoletta Sky Angle, known as Niko, is the smallest girl of Kurt Angle and Giovanna Angle. She was born on November 5, 2016. She is now only 5 years old baby. The beautiful girl is now started to go to school. 

As the smallest one, everyone loves her very much, and she is a very cute girl. So in this post, we will describe her age, birthday, Biography, and Wikipedia.

Nikoletta Sky Angle
Nikoletta Sky Angle

Biography of Nikoletta Sky Angel

Name: Nikoletta Sky Angle

Nick Name: Niko

Age: 5 Years old.

Birthday: November 5, 2016.

Father: Kurt Angle

Mother: Giovanna Yannotti Angle.

Siblings: Giuliana Marie Angle, Sophia Laine Angle, Joseph Angle, Kyra Angle, Kody Angle, and Jason Jordan.

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: American

Famous as: The daughter of WWE Superstar.

Religion: Christian.

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Dark Blue.

Skin Color: White.

Height: 3 feet.

Weight: 20 Kg.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

School: Unknown.

Hobbies: Playing with Dogs.

Nikoletta Sky Angle
Nikoletta Sky Angle

At the time of birth, Nikoletta Sky Angle was a very cute baby, and the father was very happy. The moment when she came into the world, her father and sisters were beside her. Her two Sisters Sophia Laine Angle and Giuliana Marie Angle, were so happy about her born. They found a pretty doll to play with.

Nikoletta Sky Angle
Nikoletta Sky Angle with sisters

Though Kurt has 7 children, he loves each of them. So this was very challenging for her mother to give birth to such a beautiful baby. Giovanna Angle was not as strong when she was pregnant, but Kurt always helped her very much.

If we see the Instagram of Kurt and Giovanna, we see that Instagram is full of their children’s photos. In some of the photos, we see Kurt playing with Nikoletta, and also she is sleeping on his breast.

Nikoletta Sky Angle

Nikoletta Sky Angle is now studying in a school. She goes to school with her other sisters. She is very playful and restless. Most of the time, she spent with her father and her dogs. Her father always travels to different places, and Nikoletta Sky Angel likes to travel here and there.

Her last birthday was her 4th birthday on November 5, 2020, which was amazing for her. I think she is going to remember this birthday. Her Birthday cake was very nice. On that cake, Her name was written, and there was 4 letter on that. She is very happy on that day. Mommy Wishes her “ Happy 4th Birthday to my baby, my heart, my soul, my air, my life, my everything!!!! I can’t believe she is four already. Love you to the heavens and back!”

Nikoletta Sky Angle
4th Birthday Cake

We have also collected her 3rd birthday picture here. My 3rd birthday was on 5 November 2019. The cake was very uncommon and very nice. She was wearing a wolf sweater on which the head was the wolf’s head.

Nikoletta Sky Angle
3rd Birthday

Nikoletta Sky Angle is very talented in class and attentive to their study. She is not decided what to do in the future, but she is seen with boxing. She is also taking training from her father and exercising regularly.

We see in the below image that she is standing with a school bag on her shoulder and is ready to go to school. She is very inspired to go to school. And the following image is before going to school. Her first day of the preschool picture is here. We found her three months' photos, as you see below. She was very playful at that time. All the sisters are very nice, but Nikoletta is the cutest among all.

So in this post, we have tried to mention Nikoletta Sky Angle's information about her life, like her age, birthday, biography, and others. But we will also update her biographical summaries as she grows up.