Herlinda Guerrero, also known as Herlinda Llanes, was the wife of the famous American professional wrestler, Gory Guerrero, and the matriarch of the Guerrero family. She was born on July 6th, 1929 in Mexico City, Mexico, into a family of wrestlers. Her parents were María González Moreno and José Yañez López. She got married to Gory Guerrero in 1947, and together they had four sons (Chavo, Mando, Héctor, and Eddie) and two daughters (Maria and Linda). Her brothers were Enrique, Mario, and Sergio Yañez. 

Herlinda Guerrero
Herlinda Guerrero

This post will discuss Herlinda's age, birthday, biography, Wikipedia information, and more. Herlinda Guerrero was 93 years old at the time of this writing, having been born on July 6th, 1929, in Otumba, State of Mexico, USA. Her hometown was El Paso, Texas, United States, and she was of Mexican American ethnicity.

Name: Herlinda Llanes

Father’s Name: José Yañez López

Mother’s Name: María González Moreno

Children: Four sons, Chavo, Mando, Héctor, and Eddie, and two daughters, Maria and Linda.

Brothers: Enrique, Mario, and Sergio Yañez

Spouse: Gory Guerrero (1947).

Birthday: 06 July 1929

Age: 93 years old.

Birthplace: Otumba, State of Mexico, USA.

Home Town: El Paso, Texas, United States

Nationality: Mexican American.

Mexican American

Herlinda Guerrero
Guerrero Family

In avobe picture Gory Guerrero supports his family by his strength. Here from left Hector, Chavo, Mando, Mary and Herlinda Guerrero then Linda in her arms. But Eddie didn't born yet.

Herlinda Guerrero was born in Mexico City. She was the third child of her parents and the only daughter among four children. She was an adorable girl, and her parents and brothers loved her very much. When she was six, she was admitted to a local government school in Mexico City. However, she was not very attentive to her studies, and she eventually got married to Gory and took responsibility for raising their children. Although she was lovely, she sometimes dreamed of being a model and participated in some modeling functions, but she had to focus on raising her six children.

Herlinda Guerrero was very successful in her family life. In 1947, she got married to Gory Guerrero, and they started their family journey. Although Gory was very busy with his wrestling profession, he was also a family man who always took care of his wife and children. Herlinda was a devoted mother who gave birth to six children and took care of them while her husband was away wrestling. 

Herlinda was a successful mother, and all her children became successful wrestlers in the American wrestling field. However, the death of her husband was a significant blow to her. Gory Guerrero died at only 69 years old due to liver cancer and cirrhosis caused by hepatitis. After his death, she was distraught and gradually broke down.

Herlinda Guerrero was a successful lady and a perfect mother who managed to raise a big family despite the challenges she faced.