Jerry Yelich O'Connor is the older sister of Ella Yelich O'Connor, who is known as Lorde, a famous New Zealand Musician. Jerry Yelich O'Connor was born on 1 March 1994. Her age is 28 as of 2022. Her father's name is Vic O'Connor, and her mother is Sonja Yelich. Jerry Yelich O'Connor’s nationality is New Zealand, and her ethnicity is also New Zealand.

During the 2014 MTV VMAs, Jerry sat next to Lorde and Taylor Swift and took a selfie with both of them.


Jerry Yelich O'Connor
Jerry Yelich O'Connor

In May 2017, Jerry graduated from Auckland University. And she did her Intensive German course at Leipzig University. Now she works as a Learning Development and Compliance Coordinator at Geotechnics Ltd.

Jerry is a very hard-working student and talented. She does not believe in getting a good grade for doing nothing. Jerry always does her homework and school work and puts a lot of effort into it. 

Jerry Yelich O'Connor
Jerry Yelich O'Connor and her boyfriend.

Jerry Yelich O'Connor with her boyfriend Dan; They just got engaged recently.

She is determined to do her best. Jerry is also very committed to sports. She is the captain of two sports teams, and he also has a lot of skills.

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Jerry O'Connor is a law student who aspires to make a positive difference in society. He believes that the law is a vital tool for effecting change. Jerry O'Connor is undertaking research on how legislation may affect change and be utilized to remedy some of society's challenges. 

Jerry Yelich O'Connor
Jerry O'Connor with her family.

From the left Mom Sonja Yelich,  Youngest sister India Yelich-O'Connor, Jerry Yelich-O'Connor herself, Younger Lorde Yelich-O'Connor , younger brother Angelo Yelich-O'Connor, and father Vic O'Connor.

Furthermore, he is undertaking research on how the law might be utilized to benefit the environment. Jerry thinks that the law is a tool for the people of society, not simply the government. 

Jerry Yelich O'Connor
The Middle one is Jerry O'Connor.

Jerry O'Connor is a woman who is not afraid to make her own decisions. And she is not afraid to take calculated risks. She has learned from her mistakes and is doing her best to make the world better.