Maria Schaefer Perry, who is also known as Maria Schaefer Bennett, was the mother of John Bennett Perry, a famous American actor, singer, and model. She was also the grandmother of Matthew Langford Perry, a well-known American-Canadian actor, comedian, and producer. People are interested in Maria Bennett because of her famous son and grandson.

Maria was born in Massachusetts, the United States of America, to Ralph Stone Bennett and Lydia Hannah Bennett or Lydia Schaefer Bennett. Her father and mother were citizens of the United States of America, and Maria was born into a respectable family. Her grandfather, Augustus Henry Bennett, and grandmother, Emma Gertrude Bennett, were also well-known.

Maria Schaefer Perry

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Maria was a bright child and married at a young age to Alton L. Perry in September 1931 when she was only 20 or 21 years old. Alton was a successful businessman, bank director, and civic leader. The couple moved to Williamstown, Massachusetts, but unfortunately, they had no children. After 10 years of marriage, Maria gave birth to John Bennett Perry on January 4, 1941, who later became a famous actor, singer, and model. 

Maria Schaefer Perry

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Maria and Alton also had a talented grandson named Matthew Langford Perry, an American-Canadian actor, comedian, and producer. Their other grandchild is Maria Blake, Mia Perry.

Maria Schaefer Perry

Maria Schaefer Perry passed away on September 23, 1971, at the age of 62 in North Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA. However, there is some debate about her date of death, as some sources say she died in 1970. She was buried in the United States of America in Eastlawn Cemetery in Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts.