Lorde's younger brother, Angelo Yelich O'Connor, was born on November 7, 2001. He is also 21 years old. The poet Sonja Yelich is his mother, a New Zealander born in 1965. Angelo is a New Zealander by nationality and ethnicity.

Angelo Yelich O'Connor has three siblings: India, Jerry, and Ella. Angelo is a handsome young man who adores his sisters. His fashion sense is really fashionable.

Angelo Yelich O'Connor was an extremely active youngster when he was little. He was a sports enthusiast who participated in cricket for his school and football for his club. Angelo's favorite sport is cricket; he has competed in various tournaments. New Zealand is his favorite team.

Angelo has aided in the fight against starvation and homelessness and raised awareness for the subject of mental health. He believes in generosity and strives to inspire as many people as possible to help others. His ambition is to alter the world and, more broadly, love.

Angelo has a particular spot for music, as seen by many social media posts in which he attempted to inspire his sister Ella's work. He enjoys singing as well, but not professionally. Angelo is adored by his three sisters because he is the only brother they have.

Angelo is also interested in the glam world, as seen by the numerous photographs in which he attends Academy Award events. He is unsure about his future professional path, but he strives to be the greatest at anything he does.

Angelo Yelich O'Connor enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, and participating in sports. He also likes to cook and watch culinary shows. He enjoys the great outdoors and enjoys camping.

Again, he enjoys traveling but dislikes staying in hotels. Angelo enjoys sleeping outside, hiking mountains, and playing board games with friends and family.